Sense Rugby Program

Upper Hunter Sense Rugby Program: $65 per participant per session*.

Older Adult Home Visit Assessment Packages

All OT input for clients aged over 65 years will be charged hourly at a discounted rate of $150/hour*.

*Travel is not charged for clients funding OT with a Home Care Package (HCP).

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

All occupational therapy input is charged hourly at $190/hour*.

A once off initial parent interview is charged hourly at a discounted rate of $170/hour*.

OT Assistant Consultation

All occupational therapy assistant input is completed under the guidance and supervision of an Occupational Therapist.

OT Assistant consultation is charged hourly at $86.97/hour*.

*Prices are subject to change

Information for NDIS Participants

OT Sports & Services is not a registered NDIS provider. If your NDIA plan is self-managed or plan-managed, we will provide you with invoices and receipts for you to make a claim.

Notice of fee increase:

Please be advised we will be increasing fees on July 1st. For any queries regarding this, please email